dirty harry - slash
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icons, headers, wallpapers. action movies + hp.

16 Dirty Harry icons [plus banners and a wallpaper]
4 Harry Potter icons
2 Infernal Affairs icons [plus wallpapers]
18 Ocean's 11 icons

Icon 13 was for icon_battle, and the battle can be found HERE.

Infernal Affairs is the pretty excellent movie The Departed was based on, and I definitely recommend it above its remake.


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narnia - peter - windswept
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icons, wallpaper + header. fantasy films: narnia, lotr, and penelope.

31 Chronicles of Narnia icons (movies & actors)
1 Aslan wallpaper and header
7 Lord of the Rings icons
19 Penelope icons (James McAvoy & Christina Ricci)

A handful of these are from 2005... it's pretty awkward that I haven't posted them until now. But since I'm trying to post everything I make here, you can lol at them or something.


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dw - dawkins
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tutorial: dear god, no! aka, how to butcher your icon in ten easy steps.

Have you ever wanted to make an icon that was creative, unique, and memorable? Have you ever wondered how people make icons that stick in your memory days after you seen them? Icons whose specters you just can't be rid of? Icons so glorious that you may never look at an icon the same way again?

If you have, this tutorial is for you.

I, Jehnt, have braved the uncharted territories of icon_tutorial (and other, much less reputable communities) to bring you the latest (and not-so-latest) advances in retina-burning, eye-scarring, "oh god, I'll need to dig my eyeballs out with a spork" icon creation.


to or

effects used:
bird effect, rainbow effect, squares effect, flower effect, shiny effect, pink blob effect, sharpen effect, gorgeous blue effect, black effect, and lines effect.

I'm not sure if it's translatable so if you use PSP or GIMP you may just be SOL.

And special thanks to iconrants, without whom this would not have been possible.

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And please, kids, remember that this is an example of how to butcher your icon, not how to make it pretty. Only follow this tutorial if you want your icon to die a protracted, ignoble death.

p.s. - my real icon tutorial was far more decent.
dw - sonic
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icons, headers, wallpapers. doctor who.

1 wallpaper in different sizes and variations
+ 1 matching header with variations
27 Doctor Who icons (including several that match the wallpaper/header)

The wallpapers etc originally used a picture by jennicat5 at deviantart, which I mistakenly thought was a weirdly-edited publicity photo or something, and which has since been replaced by the real picture since the artist did not want her work used. Please if you got the first version, grab and use the new version instead. Thanks!


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Also, I'm not that great at coming up with creative text to put on icons/wallpapers so if you have any ideas for these please let me know and I may edit the post to include them.
eyes - chris/harlan - look at that
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icons, headers, wallpapers. miscellaneous tv shows.

54 icons, spread out across these fandoms:
Arrested Development
Alias (these icons are from like... 2004, lol.)
Bones [plus banners & wallpapers]
Eyes (Rick Worthy and Tim Daly) [plus banners]
Heroes [plus banners]
Veronica Mars


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