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I make icons. Obviously. There are also some wallpapers and various things like that. If you want to keep track of what I'm coming up with, feel free to friend the community.

All my posts are organized by clever use of tags. The directory can be found here.

I appreciate comments on things you liked or are taking so that I know what sort of things people may be interested in more of. I also appreciate comments on things you really didn't like, so I know what looks stupid. I always reply to questions, so if you want to know something about a particular icon, please ask. I'll also make tutorials on icons if you want them or at the very least make the PSD file available for download.

I use brushes, textures, gradients, patterns, etc by these people:

_iconographer, _jems_, _promenadeicons, 77words, anais_dirge, hanako_lovely, below_blues, blimey_icons, bunny_icons, colorfilter, colortone, cosmo_mouse, crumblingwalls, dim_bulb, discolore, drankmywar, dtissagirl, elli, erniemay, dearest, hymnah, iconistas, iconseeyou, innocent_lexys, kiho_chan, le_mot_art, lifeisdolce, loveicon, meivocis, misarte, myrasis, oxoniensis, probot, q_iconography, rainharbour, rhcp_csi, quebelly, saava, ohfreckle, scarlett_h, seriouslywir, spectacular, teh_indy, tragic_icons, uglybusiness

And from these places:

8nero, Angelic Trust (the link I have for this is broken), Classic, moargh.de, Screentonez, Squidfingers, Tre's Textures, Vbrush

I also use the awesome Icon Table Generator by 77words.

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